This weekend – Churchill’s Pub was transformed into Washington Square and 2010 became 1990 and really 1987 and almost further cool backwards. Great bands like The Holy Terrors, Forget The Name and The Goods and Charlie Pickett & The Eggs rocked the house and made time stand still – old friends mingled around the bar – everybody from Richard from Y & T records (More on Richard and what he’s up to later next week) to Kimba and Glenn Richards from Miami great rock n roll radio stations just kinda hung out at the bar and took in the scene and old friends. It was more than we can do justice to here at ñ (although we shot the event with the KIE gang for an upcoming doc on Miami Music) – here’s something we didn’t shoot that’s on YouTube – Forget The Name doing ‘Without Love’. We’d publish the great pics that are on Facebook but that’s stuff that belongs to folks – you can sign up though – at Facebook just put in Washington Square and while you’re at it look up “I shopped at Y & T Records.” very cool!

Weekends of Beauty and Light

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