Band to perform at the Washington Square Reunion Concert on May 22nd at Churchill’s Pub in Miami

MIAMI – Seminal Miami rockers ‘Forget the Name’ (FtN) will reunite for the first time in close to two decades to perform at the 20th anniversary concert of Washington Square, a defunct Miami Beach rock venue. The band, who for the majority of the late 80s and early 90s was considered one of the best acts in Florida will perform publicly for the first time together after the band’s disbandment in 1993.

FtN, as the band was later called, was made up of Rene Alvarez on vocals, Derek Murphy on drums, Rafael Tarragó on guitars and José Tillán on bass. Their heavy rock sounds were accompanied by introspective lyrics and emotional performances.

During the band’s 13 year career they independently released three recordings: ‘Water and Walls’ (with then guitar player Michael Lashinsky), the acoustic ‘The Subtleties of Anger’ and their full-length release ‘Stones for Steven.’ Their last effort was recorded but never released due to their disbandment. The band, who opened for headlining acts such as Stone Temple Pilot, Candlebox and Gin Blossoms and shared the stage with other local favorites like Marilyn Mason, The Mavericks and Nuclear Valdez were a top draw in Miami and popular throughout Florida, as well as toured the East coast.

The members of FtN went on to pursue other endeavors in music, the music business or in private industry. Rene and Derek’s next project was a band called Milkcan. Rene then left to front Sixo, and continues to perform today with his band Eruption. Derek relocated to NYC and then to Atlanta, where he resides and works as a session drummer and tours with Angie Aparo and with Teitur. Rafael Tarrago played with other artists in the Miami area including Jim Camacho, Nuclear Valdez, does studio work and is currently working on a new project called Saints of Fire. Jose became an artist manager for Nil Lara (Capitol Records) and Pepe Alva (Warner Bros). He now works as a senior executive for MTV based in Miami and New York, has a musical side project with Popvert, and his solo releases under the name Pepvert.

The Washington Square 20th Year Reunion Concert will take place on Saturday, May 22nd at Churchill’s Pub, located at 5501 N.E. Second Avenue in Miami. Other artists appearing on the bill are Charlie Picket, The Holy Terrors, I Don’t Know, Voidville and The Beat Poets. Doors open at 5 PM, with a showtime of 6 PM. Tickes are $13 in advance and can be purchased from their website at


the Ballad of Forget The Name – this weekend! At Churchills!S

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