Power 96’s Lucy Lopez Gives Hialeah a Voice

Read this awesome story by Miami New Time’s Trevor Bach about Power 96’s Lucy Lopez.

“It was around 2001, and a young, quick-lipped Lopez was in the car with her homegirls, idling on the Palmetto, listening to her favorite station. Then a couple of Power 96 hosts, trying to be funny, delved into a rant about Hialeah girls that played on cheap stereotypes.

Lopez was fuming. So she called in. “Hey, Power 96,” she told the hosts, “if it weren’t for Hialeah girls like me, your whole station wouldn’t have a job!”Click HERE to read the full story @ MiamiNewTimes

Photo by: MonicaMcgiven.org

Power 96’s Lucy Lopez Gives Hialeah a Voice

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