Del Toro’s new exhibit at the LACMA

If you’re in LA, or you’re flying in for it, like some of us are….. Opening This Monday in LA – One of our heroes Guillermo Del Toro has a fantastic exhibit at the LACMA
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“When Guillermo del Toro was a child growing up in Guadalajara, his mother bought him and each of his siblings a desk. “Mine was a fake Victorian writing desk,” he recalls. “I kept my comic books in the drawers, my books and horror action figures on the shelves, and my writing and drawing stuff on the desk. I guess that was the first, smallest version of my collection.” Read The rest of the story, by Tim Walker, HERE

Here is a tour of Del Toro’s amazing home in LA.

Credit:LACMA and Tim Walker from The Independent

Del Toro’s new exhibit at the LACMA

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