Neal Hecker at Miami’s WPBT has quietly been airing some important and great programing of interest to Miami’s Latin community for years – and his newest knowledge and pleasure dropping find is a variety special that tells the story of Brazilian music through stellar performances by some of Brazil’s most engaging singers and charismatic musicians. Main-stage performances by Margareth Menezes, Mart’nalia, Celso Fonseca, Rodrigo Maranhao and Monica Freire, as well as Daniela Mercury, Bebel Gilberto and Gal Costa, are interspersed with vibrant images recorded in samba schools and other colorful locales. Comon, Brasil! Let Neal know ya like his style – his Technorati blog is HERE. But the show… airs tonight, Monday from 730 pm till 9 pm. Now’s your chance South Florida Brazilians, we think you’ll like it.

Brasil! Brasil!

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