Om Nom Nom’s head cookie, Anthea Ponsetti, is one of the fortunate, enviable few who knows what they want out of life from the very beginning. As a young girl growing up in a non-traditional British and Cuban family in Miami, Anthea learned to bake her first chocolate chip cookie under the guidance of her mother, who would often yell very British things at her when she would slouch, mouth off, etc. When teatime rolled around, Anthea would delight and entertain family members with her desserts. She has since spent years perfecting her cookie recipes, drawing from her family’s baking secrets, eight years of professional culinary experience, and her hometown of Miami, FL for inspiration.

Author: chatchowtv
Anthea Ponsetti / Om Nom Nom Cookies

Anthea Ponsetti / Om Nom Nom Cookies

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