Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader (with Jason Sudekis and lots of SNL writers, sketch comedy and improv folks) and a buddy (Jo Lo Truglio) star in this hilarious webisode comedy thing. It’s about a guy and his buddy who decide to camp out for a few days to see the newest Sci-Fi Opus/Summer Blockbuster – in this case, something called FutureSpace. That’s not important though. What is important is that it’s hilarious, as they have run-ins with geeks. freaks, ex-girlfriends, the full gammout of big comedy craziness, delivered in Tiny Bite Size chuncks on the web.

The NY Times says:
The ability of “The Line” to attract name-brand talent reflects the increasing number of writers and actors who are showing interest in original Web video. “The Line” was the first straight-to-Internet series to be produced and financed by Broadway Video, the production company founded by the “SNL” executive producer, Lorne Michaels. Not Bad, for us… Novela!

They Wait The Line

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