Manuel Mato did a very cool thing he put out a CD in ’07 cataloging the cool 70s sound of the Cuban-American Bands that were setting it off in Miami then – At M & M Records in Hialeah, THIS story by Amy Dirscoll tells the tale. She writes about capturing the raw beauty of the emerging sound on his Sound Triangle label. “It’s the story of Miami, the story of Hialeah and the music of the exiles,” Mato proclaims. “A beautiful story.”

Below is an excerpt

“It’s an unadulterated, first generation of bicultural mixing,” he said. “You can hear a mishmash of things within the same album, this huge dichotomy of styles that seems very rough around the edges,” said Raul Murciano Jr., who teaches “Introduction to Cuban Music” at the University of Miami.

The Hialeah Social Club – Coke, Antiques, Pearly Queen

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