Interview: Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia: On Their Documentary

Jump over to iTunes for the inaugural episode of the generation ñ podcast, on ep 1 Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia talk about their fantastic new documentary Stretch & Bob: Radio That Changed Lives and what they’re up to together as well as on their own.

During the 1990s, Stretch and Bobbito introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Big Pun as well as an unknown Jay-Z, Eminem, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their radio show exceed 300 million. The late night program had a cult following in the art/fashion world and prison population as well. All would loyally tune in for the humor just as much for the exclusive tunes. Stretch and Bobbito brought a unique audience together, and created a platform that changed music forever. Directed by Bobbito, their new doc tells this tale with style and power.

We were thrilled to talk to these legends – and they were as cool and and the talk as wonderful as you’d hope. Bob is a man of many flavors, all of them quite awesome. Baller, Filmmaker, DJ, Writer, Raconteur, all around MVP of Kool. You can see what’s up with Bob at the link to his site below. Stretch’s new book No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999 can be purchased on at this link and you can see what’s up with this Producer, DJ, and Creative, thoughtful force at his twitter which is linked below.


The generation ñ podcast explores what’s happening in the world of bilingual, bicultural Latino happenings in art, entertainment and the world. Hosted by gen ñ founder Bill Teck, this is la vida ya’ll.

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Interview: Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia: On Their Documentary

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