My PhotoWhat is the media and basket ball fans missing in their assessment of the James/Wade/Bosh trade?? Including Charles Barkley who insinuated that Lebron James would lose credibility for not having won his ring in Cleveland.
Fact: Lebron James announces after a long deliberation and into a media circus that he is leaving to play for Miami with his friends Wade and Bosh. Jaws drop. Dan Gilbert in his less than elegant address to Cleveland fans suggests that Lebron James is “narcissistic” an “ego maniac” and a “traitor”.
What becomes apparent in the famous letter by Mr. Gilbert is that we have scorned owner, naturally feeling that he made Lebron what he is and therefore feeling that Lebron should be in his debt.
I ask Mr. Gilbert this; where was this so called loyalty when you fired Mike Brown in May? By all standards he was the best coach in Cav basketball history having recently won a coach of the year by the NBA. Where were these staples of human dignity, brotherhood, sticking with your team? I’ll tell you where? Nowhere. A business decision was made ….

Sasha Alexandre Torres on the Lebron Trade

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