It’s a landmark really.

Granted, there’s no Brutus the Buckeye beckoning with his freakishly round head, but the Singing Dog is an Ohio State University staple. Since 1978, before most of his patrons were a twinkle in their daddy’s pants, Jim Dawson has been buying and selling really good music. He’s still keepin’ it real with a huge selection and incredibly reasonable prices (this writer is deliriously happy with her new Dr. Hook CD for a mere $5.98) as he reminisces of New Release Tuesdays as if they were his high school glory days.

As I make my way from my badly and possibly illegally parked Taurus, every single young person I pass has pod buds in their ears. I wonder if they have ever listened to an actual record — would they be surprised to know that you can actually play BOTH sides?! My new friend, Jim, understands how easy it is – and how cheap!- to download any song you wish, whether it be New Release Tuesday or Easter Sunday.

He’s a steady Freddy in a changing world.

All I know is that his shop made me want to “Walk right in, sit right down and, baby, let my hair hang down…”.

– Al Brennan

Record Store Day – Ohio Coolness

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