We’ve got a buncha great Latino record stores down in Miami but when it comes to the tried and true hallmarks of the indie record store scene – you’ve only got a handful – The awesome RadioActive in Lauderdale, “the buy-the-new-beastie boys (Check Your Head) at-Midnight-back-in-95” Uncle Sam’s on South Beach” – but we grew up at Y&T and LOVE what Lolo is doin’ at Sweat – so we paid them homage on this week’s weekly ñ on the main page. It’s all about Record Store Mania – to celebrate National Independent Record Store Day – and we through in name checks and cover art for Miami classics like Coke, Opus, Los Antiques, Fred Neil, The Birdwatchers… please go check it out. And check your head. Ali Brennan in Ohio – went to her neighborhood stores as well. You wanna send in your fave record stores dear reader? Do IT! We’ll post it up like Dr. J.

Record Store Day in the M.I.A.

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