Why would we use our Blogger-Powered gen ñ blog here to plug another blogging service/software/thingy? Cause we’re in Love with Tumblr our 2nd foray into the blogo-cosa. It’s gorgeous, easy as heck to use, uber customizable and it’s sorta like twitter and facebook with the followers and friend community. You can follow others, see their updates. We love it and we’ll be using it to tell our Scenes from the Bubble real estate series as well as our own website. We’re also using it’s community to promote our gen ñ Chowzs. ¡Dale! BTW – what’s with the no “R” thing? Flickr, Tumblr – who did the R piss off? Well, no matter, We’ve got that ñ thing. We’ll mind our business.

Quiero Mas!

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