Quentin Tarantino: HATEFUL EIGHT

QT’s Hateful Eight ROADSHOW

Quentin Tarantino’s new film, The Hateful Eight , shot on Panavision 65 MM cameras and projected in Glorious 70mm, will be the kind of movie event that used to happen all the time in the heyday of epic films. And he’s bringing it to us… with Roadshow 70mm screenings across the country.

What’s a Roadshow you ask?
This featurette starring QT, Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell – tells about the special cameras that shot this special film, not used since the 1960s – and tells you all about what a Movie Roadshow experience should be.

Quentin Always makes the movies a truly special experience – ñ Loves You Quentin T!

Quentin Tarantino: HATEFUL EIGHT

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