Rafael, our Director of Development wants to make a show about business called Company Jones or Co. Jones. I can’t wait. Among the many suggestions for topics that I’ve given him, all of which he hates I think, is this one – “Can we do a segment on Pepito, the water skiing dog that needs Lasik surgery?” I’m pretty much obsessed with Pepito. I mentioned this to Patti, my neighbor – she knew just who I was talking about.

Other people find him equally fascinating. It’s the strangest campaign of all time. But it WORKS. It gets people talking. I googled the words “Pepito had Lasik” and right away two people on Flicker had pictures of him, This one, posted on Flickr by Lamvuong, featured the comments below – rsscohen wrote:

I love Pepito. I drive by him every day to work. He is so happy since he got Lasik. He never used to water-ski. Now look at him!

Do you know where I can find more Pepito pictures? I saw another one of him in South Miami, before he had lasik. It was terrible. He had thick coke-glasses, and you could tell that he wasn’t engaging in any sort of fun beach activities.

Oh, Pepito!

and Julia Heffernan wrote:

haha OMG! I am obsessed with the Pepito bill board on rt 1. It is such a weird campaign. I have the same picture on my flickr, although not as good quality

This campaign works. Talk about setting yourself apart from the field through catchy advertising. Who is Pepito, coño!

Pepito, fun-loving bon vivant.

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