Eli’s Coming–In An Entirely Agreeable Manner!

By Martin Dio from Yahoo! music

A high-energy, blown-out soul revue is not the sort of event regularly documented in the Y! Music studios, but Eli “Paperboy” Reed isn’t a “regular” performer by any stretch of the imagination.

Reed, whose talent as a singer and songwriter is drawing attention on a global scale, is drawing raves for his brand new album Come And Get It–which manages to sound utterly modern, yet simultaneously evokes the unforgettable sound of prime American R&B, circa the early ‘70s.

From Boston, but with a bit of travel under his belt–including extended stays in Clarksdale, Mississippi and Chicago–Reed has taken an encyclopedic knowledge of blues, R&B and country music forms and, after a lengthy period of performance both as a singer and accompanist, put together a sound that is dynamic, tight and–in the live context–absolutely spectacular.

His new album follows two others released independently (titled Sings Walkin’ And Talkin and Other Smash Hits! and Roll With You respectively) and a host of accolades, including being nominated at the 2009 Mojo Awards for Breakthrough Artist Of The Year.

Take a look at the performances and interview below to get an idea of what the heat is all about!

Meet the PaperBoy

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