Life On The Line is a riveting doc on Sports Gambling in Vegas (something i may have dabbled in from time to time) made by some friends of mine & I think you’ll LOVE it. Available for purchase as movie download/streaming video starting on 1/27 from – you’ve gotta check it out.

With unprecedented access behind the scenes at LVH’s “SuperBook” and featuring a cast of legends from the Las Vegas sport-betting world, including long-time Hilton/LVH oddsmaker Jay Kornegay, two-time Supercontest champion Steve Fezzik, hedge-fund manager John Netto, long-time Vegas pro-bettors including Erin Rynning, Teddy Covers, Bryan Leonard, Bruce Marshall, and Alf Musketa, and well-known local sports talk radio hosts Brian Blessing and Ken Thompson, Life on the Line promises to take viewers deep inside the esoteric and usually closed world of that rare breed of gambler who’s able to make a successful living betting sports.

“Never before has there been a movie that more authentically nails the experience of being a professional bettor.” — Teddy Covers (legendary handicapper and Vegas Wiseguy Report blogger)

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Super Bowl 2012, this documentary, from director Isaac Feder, garnered the trust of the normally secretive world of bettors and bookies. Who are these people? How do they think? What sets them so far apart from the average betting public?

You can see more of the film by clicking HERE. and remember it’s available for Streaming and Download starting Jan 27!

Life On The Line : Our new fave sports film

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