Kiele is Groundbreaking

Kiele is a musician and visual artist from Miami who makes some of the most groundbreaking, groovy, funky, and fresh tracks that you’ve ever heard. She backs it up with some of the most creative videos being made – and she does it all with a Miami flavor so unique she stands with any of the artists who’ve made Miami part of their vibe.

She’s also a producer and actress who recently appeared in the film Plantadas. We talked about her music and videos and her activism – she’s very involved in the cause of raising awareness about lack of freedom in Cuba – and just talked about the act of balancing it all. Gen ñ founder Bill Teck was thrilled to talk to someone that talented, that smart and that unique – but who was also such a thoughtful artist, reinterpreting Miami and it’s cultura in a whole new way. We think you’ll really enjoy the talk – but we think you’ll enjoy discovering this fantastic new artist even more. She brings a whole new dimension to Miami.

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Kiele is Groundbreaking

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