We’re comin’ in hot for the holidays and we’re announcing a partnership with Kaña Cuban Coffee Roasters – don’t let the name and the gorgeous art work fool you – this isn’t some cutesy thing – this is the finest roast Cuban Style coffee that $ can buy – and you’re going to see all the details about it as we launch our partnership this Monday – in time for the holidays. In the Meantime, check out their site (Just click on one of the girls) and familiarize yourself with the Hialeah, Havana, Matanzas, Varadero, South Beach, Orlando and Maria’s Madness Blends. They’re unique, and they’re hands down the best Cuban Style Cafe out there. You can pick ’em up at the Fresh Market or you can order ’em online like we do – we’re part of their coffee club and get ’em in the mail. Alright we’re excited – a colar cafe!

Kaña Cuban Coffee – Is as good as Cuban Coffee gets

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