Fresh from cleaning up at the Imagen Awards for Best Internet Program at the 25th Annual Imagen Awards Ceremony, Al Carlos Hernandez has a great interview with the best actress/writer/producer around -the wonderful Ruth Livier.
Here’s a link to a link and an excerpt below –

Her journey to cinematic success is rooted in a strong Mexican family.

She said:

I’m from Guadalajara; totalmente Tapatia. The first parents I remember were my maternal grandparents and my mom’s youngest brother and sister. I lived with them in Guadalajara for a part of my childhood while my parents worked in the fields in California.

When I was about seven they finally crossed me to this side of the border. My home life was very Mexican and I grew up in a Spanish speaking household. I’m a child of migrant workers. At one point eleven of us, including aunts, uncles, and cousins, lived in one trailer.

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