I saw this at the Trail theater on Calle Ocho, home to Roblan for years. The company that released the film had a stratagy of renting out movie houses being used for other things and putting these massive speakers in, as if it were a concert. The sound was great. There was a psychedelic cartoon of dinosaurs stuck in tar before the feature. It was opening night in the MIA. There were nine people, tops. Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense.

In the middle of the Talking Heads concert film – big suit and all – David Byrne runs offstage and Genius Of Love starts. Who knew Tom Tom Club was Tina Weymouth and Chris Franz of Talking Heads? Carlos, Juan and I didn’t. She’s the bassist, he’s the drummer. It was ’83, I think? ’84? Years later I heard a writer say Franz/Weymouth were a pain in the ass. I don’t know, they seem nice enough.

Hamilton Bohannon, Kurtis Blow

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