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that allow you to help in different ways, the One.org link talks about forgiving Haiti’s dept, there’s the ‘ol reliable and fantastic Red Cross and there’s Wyclef Jean’s Yele.org, which a lot of people are choosing to support, hoping that the from inside, people can handle and administer their own destiny. There are a few issues that’ll prob come out in the mainstream media in the next few weeks regarding Yele’s accounting of their dollars – see the Smoking Gun to read up on Yele’s accounting stuff. It’s a little iffy, but – with all the media and new media scrutiny that surronds this tragedy, we’re still recommending them – casue they’ll prob step up their game and be damn accountable to the people of Haiti and the aid donated. It’s been wack so far but Yele will prob correct itself.

Our usual Pop Culture Bloggity stuff is below as usual – we could all use some levity and we’ve got lots of stuff on the Conan vs. Jay Late Night Prizefight/Suckerpunch. Plus our initial Haiti posts below that. God bless everyone of you – and as always of late, our thoughts and energy are with our friends in Haiti.

Haiti: How to Help

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