City of Progress is the name of DJ le Spam’s Recording studio (more on that in the Rumberos story below), in North Miami – just down the road apiece from Little Haiti – In the weeks following the devastating earthquake – many talented Miami musicians came by to record this lovely song. You can download it from the link below and choose the level of donation you wish to make when aquiring the song. Whatever you can afford; you can choose $1, $5, $10, $15 or $20 – your choice. “I call for my mother and she does not answer, I call for my father and he does not answer, i ask the spirits to guide me, they come a little at a time”. Recorded @ City of Progress Studio
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Jan Sebon (Kazak International) – Haitian drums and percussion, vocals, poem, Jude Papaloko Thegenus (Loray Mistik, Jakmel Art Gallery) – Haitian drums and percussion, vocals, Inez Sebon – (Kazak International) lead vocals, Le spam (Spam Allstars) guitar, bass, production, David Goodstein – drums, Jose Elias (Conjunto Progreso,Spam Allstars)-CubanTres, Brian Robertson aka B Rob (Awesome New Republic) organ, Cleaveland Jones cavaquinho, backing vocals, Mark Kondrat (Locos por Juana) guitar, Juan Carlos Valdivia violins, Sonya Feldman (Rumberos de la 8) lead vocals, Nil Lara lead vocals, Itagui Correa (Locos por Juana) backing vocals, Raffa Jo Harris (Raffa & Rainer) backing vocals, Rachel Goodrich backing vocals, Jesse Jackson backing vocals, Asuka Barden backing vocals, Tomas Diaz (Spam Allstars) backing vocals, AJ Hill (Spam Allstars) backing vocals, Mercedes Abal (Spam Allstars) backing vocals
Audio mastering: Carlos Alvarez
Filmed By: Steve Yeomanson, Belinda Ho, Yussef Shaw, Le Spam, Juan Maristany

City of Progress – Song for Haiti

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