You’re kidding. Before and after the awesome 12 minute Bruce Springsteen concert yesterday a pretty great football game was played. Here’s what we took from the telecast in it’s entirety.

1.) Bruce & E. Street Kick Ass.

2.) There’s a cool-ass G.I. Joe Movie coming out.

3.) I feel bad for Kurt Warner.

4.) Transformers II looks cool.

5.) The Cardinals are who we thought they were!

6.) Hulu ad = We’re in the right business.

7.) The Subway ads kinda suck.

8.) Cash for Gold?! Really? Huh?!

9.) Laughed My Ass Off? Pretty funny!

10.) We loved McGruder. Ah, i Mean McGruber. Oh, we mean Pepsuber.

11.) Gina Carano is the new, and HOT! Bruce Lee — that’s true.

12.) And finally – in a world where Bob Dylan has already used his music in a Victoria’s Secrets ad – Did anyone see the Pepsi spot where it’s explained that is the new Bob Dylan? What the fuck? Really it’s almost a sign of the demise of civilization as we know it.

Of all the New Dylan’, and in that I include Jessie Colin Young, Steve Forbert & Donovan – Can there be a more lame artist to compare Bob Dylan to than

Why not compare Bobby D to someone cool like Wyclef, a ground-breaking artist and spokesman for Haiti who combines rock and rap and smashes concepts of what rap and rock n roll should be. Or LL, who, while not exactly Dylan, is still an icon, a guy who has been a part of Hip Hop for 20 years and left a mark on a generation or two. Or Chuck D or KRS-ONE or Melle Mel or even Jay-Z? Or Rev Run? Or …damn man – I know he wrote a song for the inauguration or something but, what!

How bout Q-tip? Or the fat guy from De La Soul? How bout Bird Man?

Not Common cause Common is kinda secretly a tool. But anybody woulda been better — Masta Ace? Skee-Lo? Was Coolio too busy? Did anyone try calling Tone-Loc?

We won’t make a million easy comparisons among artists and growing up gracefully and blah blah, we’re bored already. There’s not a court in the land that would convict us if we punched whatever ad guy came up with that one.

Bob Dylan wrote Blowin’ in the Wind. co-wrote My Humps.

It’s All Over Now Baby Blue.

Bob Dylan & – A Sign of the End Times

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