and speaking of Bill Conti, I could have uploaded Redemption, that great number that starts Rocky II or Alone in the Ring (which hundreds of people on youtube upload their homemade versions of), or his great score for The Right Stuff, but here’s the end of Victory, when it just becomes this classical music video with these wild images. John Huston, who directed everything from The Maltese Falcon and The African Queen, to Wise Blood and Fat City, knew exactly how to use Sly and Bill to great effect. Posted by Fredoakd, in Argentina. He’s also posted this great march from the end credits but only half, and the 2nd half is just as good but different. Also, Please enjoy what Starvinmarvin90 (a youtube user) has done by putting Going The Distance to Kill Bill. Puffy sampled this back in the 90s for his track Victory, but he didn’t do half as good a job. This is crazy violent. But that song is so good.

Bill Conti

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