A Dominican Jedi Knight: Surviving Grady on Pedro Martinez

A big thanks to Sheila O’Malley for pointing us toward Surviving Grady’s lovely appreciation of Pedro Martinez, Dominican Jedi Knight. Strong.

Pedro Martinez: Greatest Red Sox Pitcher of My Lifetime and Dominican Jedi Knight:
Through the years, I’ve made a lot of jokes about putting my fist through a wall during a Red Sox game. Fact is, dear readers, I’ve only really done it once. On the evening of August 29, 2000. When Pedro Martinez lost a no-hitter in the ninth inning of a game against the Devil Rays.

Back then, on that fateful night, some of you may have been in diapers. Maybe one or two not even born. Some of you were working or sleeping or prepping for college or enjoying the last vestiges of summer vacation rolling on a towel with your lover on the beach.

But I was a grown-ass man putting his grown-ass fist through a wall I’d paid for. Over Pedro Martinez…. Continue Reading HERE

A Dominican Jedi Knight: Surviving Grady on Pedro Martinez

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