Chef Tom Kern, a native of N.C., brings his high-end culinary background and experience across the country to BadHappy Poutine – the new, cozy, welcoming spot in River North where he caters to the Chicago palate that loves a good guilty pleasure dish, and oversees the kitchen where condiments and other ingredients are made in-house. He works with local farms to source ingredients, and brings a creative, fresh and elevated spin on the Montreal staple. It may be Bad for you… but you can’t help but feel Happy about it.

About BadHappy

BadHappy is Chicago’s first Poutine shop located at 939 North Orleans. For those unfamiliar with the dish, poutine is a true comfort food dish comprised of French fries, traditionally topped with cheese curds and brown gravy. BadHappy takes that basic equation for poutine and turns it into several different options with toppings ranging from fried mac-n-cheese, to kimchi and pork belly. Along with honoring the Montreal, French-Canadian classic dish, BadHappy also features creations utilizing locally-sourced ingredients to bring a new set of guilty pleasure dishes to Chicago.

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Tom Kern / BadHappy Poutine

Tom Kern / BadHappy Poutine

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