Lyn Farmer is a widely published writer on wine and food and is Senior Editor of The Wine News magazine. His articles have been honored with the James Beard Foundation Award for best writing on wine and spirits, the most prestigious award in the wine and food. He has written widely on the wines of France and Italy and led many tastings and seminars on Italian wine in particular. Since 1999, he has been director of the Miami Wine and Food Festival, an annual event that has raised more than $10 million for charity. For a decade he was restaurant critic of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper and over the years he has led dozens of tours of major food and wine regions of the world. He is the author of the just- published Louis Vuitton City Guide Miami. Lyn’s basic premise is that “behind every bottle of good wine, there is a great story, and in every great story there is an interesting person — the story of a wine is a story of people.” Lyn’s extensive writings are as much about people as about the wines they make.

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Lyn Farmer / Wine Writer & United Way Miami Wine & Food Director

Lyn Farmer / Wine Writer & United Way Miami Wine & Food Director

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