Are pretty much my favorite artists. You know, Beck, Leonard Cohen, Hansel y Raul. The trinity.

When we launch the Miami-centric part of our site in a few weeks, you’ll be able to read the big, long Rolling Stone style interviews I did with them back in the 90s. They’ve done it all, Kukucha, Maria Teresa y Danilo, Todo El Mundo Con La Lengua Afuera. Some great soul animated this, one of their great disco singles when they were the singers in Charanga 76 out of NYC, before they went solo (or went duo, as it were) and moved to the MIA. Thank you genius animator – youtube uploader person. This here is from ’79 , when they were still with La Charanga. The other great lost 12 inch singles of theirs are C.U.B.A. (which maybe I’ll upload if I find the CD) and as a duet apart from la Charanga, their cover of the Willie Nelson – Julio Iglesias hit, To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before, complete with Charanga masacote descarga in the middle. Honorable mention for the Universal Casualty sponsored single of Rumbiando Al Superbowl. It’s hard to the words Universal Casualty into a lyric but Los Gallos De La Salsa found a way. They played my 31st b-day at Mystiques. I had the honor of getting to be buds with both of em over the last 12 years.

The reunion concert is April 19th after the Marlins game at Dolphins Stadium. They haven’t played together since Raul’s accident I guess. Get ready people. People get ready.

Hansel y Raul

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