We here at ñ have baseball fever. And we root for the Sox, yet Derek Jeter is our favorite all around player (and some of us here cheer for the Yanks as well). It’s a conflicting thing, although we all agree on the Marlins. We have Marlins fever, to be precise, as we sit atop our division. But fish are not what’s below. Beneath these words are what most of you have probably seen, but in the event that you haven’t , here it is in all it’s glory.

Manny Ramirez making the catch, finds a Sox fan in the stands in Baltimore, gives him a high-five then throws to the cutoff man, doubling the runner on first. With more joy and grace than most men can muster. In Case MLB removes it by the time you read this, you can see it aqui but try to watch it here with us, we wanna share it with you. Guys & Dolls, here’s Manny:

Manny being Manny

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