But the truth is we LOVE Man Vs. Food, the new show on the Travel Channel. Apparently, there are only so many Samantha Brown style trips you can take. (We have a crush on you Samantha Brown. Love your legs.) Cause it seems people like to travel and when they get there, they wanna eat.

So the Travel Channel is a lot like the Food Network lately. You’ve got Anthony Bourdain, an ñ pick for one of the coolest dudes of all time. This guy is punk rock-real food, we love him. You’ve got Andrew Zimmern and his Bizarre Foods – which is fun and repulsive, and we like watching him brave those freaky kitchens. And then you have THIS. Man. VS. Food. Read on:

This is America buds. And although we feel guilty about the gluttony of the biggest everything, we just love it. Our trips to NYC begin at Peter Luger’s. We’re always at Joe’s Stone Crabs at the start of Season. But if you’ve ever traveled with the gen ñ crew it’s not just good food that we like, it’s heaping mounds of it. Howvever, like all great TV shows Man vs. Food isn’t really about what it’s about. It’s about a buncha stuff.

It’s about Body Image and what our culture defines as attractive or un-attractive. Adam Richman is an incredibly charismatic and good-looking host, who is a regular guy but a big regular guy plenty stylish and plenty cool (and one who understands that it takes a certain talent to make an audience who can’t smell or taste what you’re eating feel like they’re trying the food right there with you).

It’s about liberation. As generation ñ seems to be having babies and getting older and watching what they eat, it’s sooo nice to see a guy just get to a restaurant and GET IT ON. Gimme the biggest, tastiest thing you’ve got.

We’re a young country, one where people of all persuasions can remember a grandfather or grandmother talk about going hungry in whatever country they were from and longing for food. Well, here is the dream. It may sound stupid to read it here. But this is a country where the people who settled were literally hungry, and thus – the feeling (and the signs) — All You Can Eat.

It is a tribal place. Where we enjoy a certain abundance that we celebrate together.
Everybody is cheering, competing, ENJOYING, and digging in. To all kinds of stuff. This is about food but what sets it apart is it’s really exuberant about food.

This is about good humor as Adam works the clock, toys with the challenges and messes with fellow patrons.

It’s extraordinarily well produced and hosted, and it makes you feel good – it might make you feel a ‘lil guilty too , when you crack the fridge to make your own Dagwood. For all that we enjoy and take for granted – One.org everybody –

It’s also got a great webpage featuring video blogs (vlogs! Who knew?!) and all manner of MvF Ephemera. Rock on Adam. We love your style. You can figure out when to watch it here.

It’s just lovely, because it’s gastric, crazy, American-fun. And a celebration of this rich, diverse, wild and fairly rock-n-roll , ‘just keep ‘goin’ place. It’s a good show for lean times yet it makes you wanna travel. And it makes ya wanna EAT.

Let Us Now Praise Abundance and a bit of Gluttony.

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