Director Seba De Caro on the ñ Podcast discussing new film Claudia

On this episode of the generation ñ podcast, our guest on this episode is the wonderful film director and writer Seba De Caro. Founder Bill Teck is a big admirer of his friend De Caro, who he met in Argentina at BAFICI.

Seba De Caro is a film director , screenwriter , writer and actor from Argentina . He participated as an actor in the roller coaster and Todos contra Juan programs . As a screenwriter and director, he made several independent productions: Rockabilly (2000), De noche van a tu cuarto (2005) and 20,000 kisses (2013), among others. He’s the author of the books Mi método (cuentos, 2011), Las nuevas aventuras de un biólogo recién recibido (novela, 2013), La flor más falsa del mundo (novela, 2017) and his new book Cielo Drive: El Culto de Charles Manson, Sharon Tate, y la leyenda diaólica que inspiró a Tarantino.

We talk talk primarily about his brilliant new film Claudia, starring Dolores Fonsi, which opened BAFICI, the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, his creative process as prose writer and director, his cinephilia, (he tells a great Bogdanovich anecdote) and what new directors intrigue him.

You can find Seba at @sebadecaro on Instagram

at @sebadecaro on Twitter and his fan page on Facebook is

Director Seba De Caro on the ñ Podcast discussing new film Claudia

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