This piece made our day on Sunday. In the NY Times op-ed Bono on Mr. Sinatra and all the lessons for living this crazy thing called life. Go to it.

In the wonderful book U2 at the end of the world , the great Bill Flanagan offered a brief insight into Bono’s real and true friendship with Frank Sinatra. Here, Bono does a bit of sharing himself. There’s even audio if you want to hear him read to you as you work. Sweet stuff. Read it or Listen HERE.

And watch a friendship start up here. This is so good that I miss Bono on the original one whenever I hear it. And you thought Phil Ramone peaked with Billy Joel. Duets is pretty great too. Ever hear frank and Luther Vandross do “The Lady is a Tramp”? Not too shabby.

Bono, on Sinatra. with great affection.

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